Diversity is central to our commitment to academic excellence. We know that a diverse living and learning community improves the educational experience for all.

We work to affirm the dignity and worth of everyone in our community and to ensure that all feel supported in their differences.

We will prepare you to succeed, both personally and professionally, in a smaller, flatter and more diverse world. You will learn about the influences of power and privilege so that you may guide yourself productively.

Our Central Curriculum, taught by a diverse faculty with different viewpoints and experiences, challenges you in your ways of perceiving and knowing the world. 

But you won't just gain a multicultural education in class—you'll experience it firsthand.

Our Center for Diversity & Inclusion hosts numerous events throughout the year. Our unique Global Opportunities (GO) program requires you to spend at least two weeks studying in a different culture and then reflect on your experiences after returning to campus. You may be surprised by how your view of the world and yourself has changed.

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Nondiscrimination Statement

The university shall not discriminate against any person on the basis of any other legally protected status.

Center for Diversity & Inclusion

Find a home away from home at the Center for Diversity & Inclusion. 

Diversity Clubs

Help promote awareness and understanding of cultural and sexual diversity on campus.

Anti-Harassment and Nondiscrimination Policy

It is the responsibility of each person on campus to respect the personal dignity of others and to demonstrate a basic spirit that precludes harassment and discrimination

Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

We affirm our commitment to being an engaged, culturally inclusive campus.

Religious Diversity

The university is committed to diversity, and have a broader, more inclusive policy to support the observance of religious holidays.