Jessica Sullivan

Department: Admission

Senior Associate Director of Admission

  • Education
  • BA, St Lawrence University


I was fortunate enough to join the SU community in the fall of 2015 after living in Northern New York just over an hour from my hometown of Carthage. Though I thrive on what I learn from my travel to other places, living elsewhere was not in my plan. And then. …Susquehanna happened!

I was wowed by my first visit to campus similar to the ways prospective students and families tell me they are. It’s a refreshingly pleasant surprise for so many. This is a place where I can confidently tell visitors to go off-schedule, take a peak in random buildings and talk to any person they come across. That confidence is what made me choose SU as home for my daughter and myself. With a teenager in the house, our own college process isn’t far away.

When I chose SU, I was, in fact, choosing a place I saw as a great match for my daughter. …I’d be thrilled to see her journey through these walkways! If you want (or want your child) to be guided to explore new areas in and out of the classroom, step outside of your comfort zone and embrace this global society we live in, and be guided with the 96% chance of getting a job or entering graduate school after six months of graduation it’s with great confidence I welcome you to my new home in Selinsgrove!

My passion for learning drove my decision to move to SU, but my honesty also drives me to say the Farm Pizza from Bella’s and the Bongo Bongo Dip at BJ’s helped solidify that this is the right place for me!

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