Think of the Center for Academic Achievement as an educational gym. We'll help you build on your academic strengths and work on eliminating your weakness so you can be a stronger student. Our team of supportive professional and peer tutors will help you gain confidence-and skills. Whether you need help with a particular subject, or want to improve your study habits, we're here to help you succeed.

Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and by appointment.

Call 570-372-4412, email, or stop by Fisher Hall.

If you are struggling with a particular class, it may be because of weak study skills. At the Center for Academic Achievement, we offer assistance on a wide array of issues including time management strategies, college-level reading, note taking, organization, test preparation, and ways to prevent test anxiety.

We'll help you build strong study skills first and then, if needed, recommend a subject-based tutor.

Make an appointment to discuss your specific needs. This initial meeting should only take 15-20 minutes, but we will speak with you as long as necessary to determine how we can best help you succeed.

Request an appointment.


Sunday: 6-10 pm
Monday - Thursday: 1-4 and 6-10 pm
Friday: 1-3 pm

No appointments necessary. Room 249, Fisher Hall

The Math Center offers tutoring help for Pre-calculus, Statistics, Calculus, and Linear Algebra. Certain peer tutors, who are math majors or minors, are also qualified to tutor other subjects such as advanced math courses, accounting, computer courses, and physics.

Feel free to drop in without an appointment. The frequency of tutoring sessions varies for each student, depending on the level of difficulty of a class or assignment. Some students come on a regular basis. They do their homework on their own, but there is help available if they have a question. Others come when they have a particularly difficult problem or assignment. Some students visit only before a test for a quick review.

Our goal is to enable you to work independently and to enhance the material that is presented by your professor.

In addition to traditional math courses, the Math Center currently offers tutoring in Statistics for Behavioral Science twice each week. Please call for times. Students may receive assistance with Business Statistics at a satellite location in Apfelbaum Hall.

Request an appointment.


Sunday: 6 - 10 pm
Monday - Thursday: 12:30 - 5 pm and 6 - 10 pm
Friday: 12:30 - 5 pm

Call 570-372-4342 or stop by Room 202 Fisher Hall.

At the Writing Center, you can get help improving your critical thinking strategies and writing techniques for most courses, regardless of the subject.

Peer tutors, who are majors and minors in a variety of subjects, will help you brainstorm ideas or form a thesis, make sense of an assignment, learn how to ask effective questions, and offer guidance in areas such as formatting and creating citations. We can also assist you with personal and professional writing projects.

Appointments are highly recommended. Walk-ins must wait until a tutor is available.

Allow at least a half hour for help with shorter essays, assignments or questions. For longer papers and a more thorough discussion, please schedule a one-hour appointment several days before the paper is due.

Request an appointment.


German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic are by appointment. See your instructor for contact information.

French walk-in hours are Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 7 - 9 p.m. in Bogar G18.

Come to the Center for Academic Achievement for help with Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Arabic language courses.

Our tutors are students with a language major or minor who have spent at least a semester abroad. We also hire native speakers who are studying at Susquehanna.

Language tutors will:

  • Help you improve skills by identifying strengths and weaknesses, explaining and demonstrating strategies, and asking questions that engage you.
  • Collaborate with you on assignments, but will not do the work for you. 
  • Help you gain confidence in the process of learning a language, learn to summarize and make sense of assignments, improve critical thinking skills, and learn how to ask effective questions.

At Susquehanna, we work together to create an engaging environment to help students learn and to support students in distress. Our goal is to provide all students with the individual attention they need to feel safe and healthy.

If you have a non-emergency concern about a student, please submit a Student Support Referral by using our online form or by emailing or calling the appropriate administrator listed below.

Whether the concern is academic, social, behavioral, health-related, or psychological, we are interested and ready to help. Information remains confidential and will only be shared on a need-to-know basis.

First-Year Students

Samantha Proffitt
Director of the First Year Experience


Tegan Kotarski
Assistant Director of Academic Success & Sophomore Experience

Juniors and Seniors

Virginia Larson
Associate Director Academic Success & Junor/Senior Experience

Questions about Disabilities

Lakeisha Meyer
Director of Disability Services

Questions about Withdrawal/Leave of Absence/Medical Withdrawal

Ryan Redfern
Coordinator of Academic Achievement for Transitions and Completion


Melanie Rohrbach
Administrative Assistant

If your concern involves someone who is in physical danger, please contact Public Safety at 570-372-4444.

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