To request a medical withdrawal or reduction:

Sometimes an illness or mental condition impacts a student so severely that either reducing the course load or withdrawing temporarily from the university may be worth considering.

Medical Leave of Absence (MLOA): Voluntary withdrawal from the university in order to improve mental or physical health, which has been supported by a medical or mental health provider.

Medical Course Load Reduction: Voluntary course load reduction after withdrawal deadline, which is granted in order to improve mental or physical health.

All requests must be submitted to the dean of academic achievement for consideration.

To request a withdrawal or reduction:

  • Meet with the dean of academic achievement to discuss your circumstances and to learn about options.
  • Complete a release of information form with your physician, therapist, or other provider of medical or psychological care. This gives your provider permission to disclose information to the dean.
  • Complete the Medical Leave of Absence or Course Reduction Request form.
  • Have your physician, therapist or other provider of medical/psychological care submit the Medical Withdrawal Documentation form.
  • If your request is approved
    • Medical Leave of Absence: Complete a leave of absence form at the registrar's office and discuss any financial aid issues with the financial aid office. In an emergency, the dean will be able to facilitate this process.
    • Course Load Reduction: You are withdrawn from the appropriate course(s), which is indicated by a "W" instead of a grade.
  • Contact residence life regarding checking out and moving personal items from the residence hall.

In order to be considered for return, we ask that you seek medical treatment to resolve the issue and/or participate in ongoing therapeutic care while you are away. Students who are approved for a Medical Leave of Absence (MLOA) are generally expected to spend at least three months and up to one full semester away from the university to focus on treatment and recovery from the matters that precipitated the MLOA.

When you believe you are ready to return to Susquehanna:

  • Contact the registrar's office to indicate your intent to re-enter the institution. 
  • Please provide the dean of health and wellness with records documenting the care that you received during your absence from the university. 
    • Submit to the counseling center director a release for each mental health provider seen during your diagnosis and treatment.
    • Request that each provider submit the Readmission Provider Report Form regarding your readiness to return to full-time studies at a residential college. 
    • Submit a letter reflecting on any additional activities you participated in to promote personal wellness and describing a success plan for your return.
  • To allow time for processing requests for readmission, all required materials must be received by the deadline for the semester you intend to return
    • Fall semester: June 15 
    • Spring semester: Nov. 15 
    • Summer semester: March 15