Where do you want to GO?

Most college-bound students say they plan to study abroad but only a tiny percent go. We remove common barriers to studying abroad or in another area of the United States.

Our cross-cultural Global Opportunities (GO) study abroad program will expose you to different cultures while teaching you valuable things about yourself.

You'll try foods you've never had before. You may learn a different language, meet your new best friend or look at American culture from a new perspective. Our study abroad opportunities are unique and the value to your future is unquestionable.

Fulfill the GO requirement by participating in a traditional semester-long study abroad program or experiencing a shorter study away trip that puts you in an unfamiliar cultural context.

GO Short
GO Short

Spend a few weeks exploring an unfamiliar culture during winter or summer break.

GO Long
GO Long

Take part in a traditional semester-long study abroad program.

GO Your Own Way
GO Your Way

Participate in a program not offered by the GO Program, or design your own experience.

95% study internationally
1 semester through GO Long
100+ approved study abroad programs
2-6 weeks through GO Short

Experience the world through our students' eyes

Study Abroad Tests Courage, Openness to New Experiences

Darren Hamric is admittedly terrified of many things. It is interesting, then, that he chose Focus Australia for his Global Opportunities experience. Australia-home to giant spiders, deadly box jellyfish and violent cassowaries, large emu-like birds. It may be that Hamric is braver than he thinks.

Junior Interns at European Parliament

Every step junior Aminata Diallo has taken is getting her closer to her goal of becoming an immigration attorney, including her latest, which landed her in the halls of the European Parliament.

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